M.I.N.K Collegiate Summer Baseball League

Tuesday July 26. 2016

Congratulation Ozark Generals MINK South Champs and Joplin Outlaws South wildcard!

In the final game of the regular season, the Nevada Griffons fell to the Sedalia Bombers 3-1. The loss means that the Ozark Generals are the MINK South Champs and the Joplin Outlaws are the Wildcard team. Congratulations to both teams.

So the first round of the playoffs look like this:

Wednesday July 27, 2016
MINK North: St. Joseph Mustangs @ Sedalia Bombers 7 pm
MINK South: Joplin Outlaws @ Ozark Generals 7 pm

Monday July 25, 2016

Ozark Generals lose to St. Joseph Mustangs 4-3.
Joplin Outlaws lose to Clarinda 11-1.

Congratulation to the Ozark Generals! With the Joplin Outlaws loss they have clinched a playoff birth.

So here are the 2 ways the final playoff spot can play out:

If Nevada Griffons wins vs Sedalia Bombers:
Nevada and Ozark tie with 23-19 records
Head to head 3-3
Division record both 11 wins
Vs 3 place team (Joplin) Nevada 3-3 Ozark 2-4 
Nevada Champs Ozark wild card.

If Nevada loses vs Sedalia:
Joplin and Nevada tied at 22-20
Head to Head 3-3
Division Records Joplin 13 wins - Nevada 11 wins
Ozark Champs 23-19
Joplin Outlaws wild card 22-20

Nothing like coming down to the final game of the season!


Sunday July 24, 2016 - Division Races and Playoff update

The Sedalia Bombers are the 2016 MINK North Division Champs!

The St. Jospeh Mustangs lost to Clarinda 3-0 on Sunday. With the loss the Sedalia Bombers win the MINK North and will host St. Joseph on Tuesday in the Wild Card playoff game.

Ozark Generals Baseball Club holds a one game lead in the South going into Monday. With a win they will be the MINK South Champs.

Nevada Griffons and Joplin Outlaws are tied for second. If they both win and Ozark loses then there would be a 3 way tie at the top of the MINK South and the tiebreaker rules would kick in to determine the MINK South Champs and Wildcard team.

If all 3 teams win Ozark would be the MINK South Champs and the tiebreaker rules would determine if Nevada or Joplin would get the Wildcard spot.

On Monday, Nevada will host Sedalia, Ozark will host St. Joseph and Joplin will host Clarinda all with hopes of continuing their season in the MINK League playoffs!

Hold on tight MINK League fans! This wild race is going down to the wire!! We will keep you updated as it all plays out.

Here is the MINK League schedule for the final 4 days of the regular season:

Fri July 22
Joplin 10 - Branson 7
Nevada 8 - Ozark 3
St. Joseph 8 - Cillicothe 2

Sat July 23 (Scores will be updated once the scoring system comes back online.)
Ozark won over Joplin Gm1
Ozark won over Joplin Gm2
Nevada won over Branson
Clarinda won over St. Joseph
Sedalia won over Chillicothe

Sunday July 24
Ozark 6 - Branson 0
Clarinda 3 - St. Joseph 0
Nevada 16 - Joplin 6

Monday July 25
St. Joseph @ Ozark 6 pm
Branson @ Chillicothe 7 pm
Sedalia @ Nevada 7 pm
Clarinda @ Joplin 7 pm

With the new playoff format this year the top 2 teams out of each division will make it into the playoffs. Wild Card Series: Division winner plays 2nd place team at the division winners home field in 1 game playoff. The 2 winners move on to MINK Championship Series.

MINK Championship Series: Best 2 out of 3 series. Team with the best record gets home field advantage.

The 2016 MINK Collegiate Baseball League is under way. If you are a fan of baseball and would like to see some up and coming college baseball players from around the country, then check the MINK League schedule for a game near you.

One big change you will see in 2016 is the MINK League Playoffs will expand to 4 teams. First series is a one game series at the higher seeds place and those two winners play.  One from the north plays two from the north for a one game wild card seed with the home field advantage and same for the south.  Then the north plays the south best of 3 and the best record gets the home field advantage. 

Please be sure to check back as more announcements will be made regarding the 2016 season. You can also follow us on Facebook for up-to-date information.

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You can follow all the MINK League action this summer several ways. There will be regular league updates here on the website, you can follow the games and get updated stats, scores and standings on the MINK League page of Pointstreak or we will be posting scores, scheduling information and other MINK news on the MINK League Facebook page.

Get out and support your local MINK Baseball League team this summer. It's great affordable fun for the whole family.

The MINK Baseball League is a summer collegiate baseball league with eight teams throughout Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska & Kansas.

The MINK Baseball League provides a venue for college players who wish to develop their skills playing in an environment of increased competition and prepare for entering the Major League Baseball amateur draft.

All MINK Baseball League players are unpaid in order to maintain their NCAA eligibility. Each team is operated in a similar to a professional minor league baseball team, providing players an opportunity to play under the same conditions using wood bats, minor league specification baseballs, experiencing overnight road trips and playing an intense summer league schedule.

2016 MINK Collegiate Baseball League Teams
Chillicothe MO Mudcats, Sedalia MO Bombers, Nevada MO Griffons, St. Joseph MO Mustangs,
Ozark MO Generals, Joplin MO Outlaws, Clarinda IA A's, Branson MO Nationals

The M.I.N.K. League promotes good sportsmanship by athletes, coaches, and spectators. We request your cooperation by supporting the participants and officials in a positive manner. Profanity, degrading comments or other intimidating actions directed at officials, athletes, coaches or team representatives will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from any M.I.N.K. League stadium. Thank you for your support of the M.I.N.K. League.


2016 M.I.N.K. Pitcher of the Week
July 11 - 17, 2016

Caleb Bounds
Chillicothe Mudcats
1 W, 0 L, 7 IP, 0.00 ERA,
4 H, 0 ER, 11 SO

North Division
# Sedalia Bombers
x St. Joseph Mustangs
Chillicothe Mudcats
Clarinda A's
South Division
# Ozark Generals
x Joplin Outlaws
Nevada Griffons
Branson Nationals
Updated July 26, 2016
# - Division Champion
x - Clinched Playoff Berth